Sky continuously researches and brings a new innovative solution to satisfy our clients. To fight and overcome this pandemic situation, once again we have come up with Antibacterial Hook and Loop Fastener with an antimicrobial finish.

Hook and Loop Fasteners with Antimicrobial Finish

Hook and Loop Fasteners treated with Antimicrobial finish provides various benefits of controlling products from staining, discoloration, quality deterioration and odor formation caused by microbial contamination.


Maintains hygiene and freshness when contacted with skin

Reduces bad odor due to sweating

Controls or eliminate microbial staining

Minimises the chances of transmission

Antibacterial Hook and Loop Applications

This hook and loop tape fastener can be used in any industry for any product. It can be customized. It is mostly used in Defense, PPE and Sportswear, Healthcare, Infant wear and many more.

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