Sky Ezee | Adhesive hook coins | White
Sky Ezee | Adhesive Loop coins | White
Sky Ezee | Adhesive Hook and Loop coins | Black
Sky Ezee | Adhesive Hook and Loop coins | White

Adhesive Coins

Sky EZEE- Adhesive Hook and Loop Coins

Sky EZEE Dots are our hook and loop self-adhesive dots. It comes with adhesive-stick on back. It is an extension of the SKY SAT. It is made from SKY SAT by a die-cut process.  It is available in 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 22mm sizes and can be used for different applications as per the requirement.

These hook and loop coins are the best alternatives for staples, screws, glue, and nails and can be used to organize various items. It is very easy to use, hassle-free, and saves time of application.

It is widely used in packaging, tile display, and stationery products.

These hook and loop fastener dots are strong enough to hold laminated cards, display boards, sensors, and devices like remote controls in place.




  • Standard Colors – Black & White
  • Dye-To-Match colors available upon request




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