Sky hook and Loop Back to Back Fastener - Green
Sky Hook and Loop Back to Back Fastener- Blue
Sky Hook and Loop Back to Back Fastener- Red

Back to Back Tapes


Sky Wrap- Back to Back Hook and Loop Fastener

Sky Wrap is a hook and loop back to back the tape. It uses SKY Micro hook and SKY Slim Loop which are laminated together as one. It is extremely productive in managing and organizing tangled cables and wires, be it at the home, office, or in the factory.

We offer SKY Wrap in different forms in roll form or customized to particular widths and lengths depending on the specific need and applications. SKY Wrap hook and loop cable ties consist of high-quality gripping bands that hold the cables for a long time resisting it from unwinding due to high shear strength. Sky Wrap cable ties can be used in managing PC cables, charger wires, headphone wires, industrial cables.

SKY Wrap comes in different colors Black, White, Red, Blue, Green, and Beige.



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